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SP1010 Lube Filter

SP1010 Lube Filter

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Lube Filter - New in original box, Never used. Alco Brand. Box is old and looks bad but filter is new. 

Equivalent to the following: 

Baldwin FBW-B76
Fleetguard FFG-LF17505
AC Delco 6-857
AC Delco PF1223
AC Delco PF857
Alco SP-1010
Alco SP-882
Allis Chalmers 99100562
AP Lockheed AP77401A
AP Lockheed AP97403
AP Lockheed LK-97403
Asahi AMC KF-1552
Asahi AMC KF-1557
Atlas Copco 2914984700
Baldwin B76
Baldwin B76-B
Baldwin P76SS
Bosch 451403077
Bosch 451-403-077
Bosch F026407043
Bosch P3077
Busch S000-243-966
Case IH NH 2836
Case IH NH 60507493
Caterpillar 1R-0658
Caterpillar 1R-0739
Caterpillar 1W-3300
Caterpillar 2P-4004
Caterpillar 5P-1119
Champion HO507
Chrysler Dodge L301
Claas 3600140
Claas 3600140
Compair Holman 98262219
Coopers Fiaam AZL083
Coopers Fiaam FT4878
Coopers Fiaam LSF5106
Coopers Fiaam LSF5140
Coopers Fiaam Z182
Coopers Fiaam Z583
Coopers Fiaam Z605
Coopers Fiaam Z619
Crosland 2103
Crosland 9309
Crosland 9361
Demag 69704773
Digoema DGMO76SS
Donaldson LFP170004
Donaldson LFP554004
Donaldson P166507
Donaldson P172560
Donaldson P550519
Donaldson P553004SCANIA
Donaldson P553191
Donaldson P779143
ERF GH27096
Europart 9025530050
Facet 6694030
Fil ZP3203
Fil ZP3226
Fil ZP526F
Fil ZP531
Filtration FTL1557
Filtration Control FCL7356
Filtration Control FCL7455
Filtration Control FCL7692
Filtration Control FLC717
Filtration Control MAN6356
Filtron OP584
Finn 1NP1500
Finn 1OT3800
Finn FFUP10410
Fleetguard LF16101
Fleetguard LF17503
Fleetguard LF17505
Fleetguard LF17513
Fleetguard LF3321
Fleetguard LF3476
Fleetguard LF3477
Fleetguard LF531
Fleetguard MK13206
Fleetrite LFR83321
Fleetrite LFR83476
Fleetrite LFR83477
Fleetrite LFR8667
Foden Y03601712
Foden Y03720110
Foden Y05008003
Foden YO36.017.12
Foden YO50.080.03
Ford 5011417
Ford 5011502
Ford A830X6714GA
Ford A830X6714SA
Fram BPH49A
Fram PH49
Fram PH49A
Fram PH49AFP
Fram PH49AJS
Fram PH5394
Freightliner ABP/N10G-LF3675
Gardner H27096
Greyfriars 9004S
Greyfriars 953S
Grove 9414100547
Hengst H200V01
Hengst H200W01
Hengst H200W03
Hengst H200W04
Hengst H200W10
Hengst H200W40
Hifi Hirschi Jura SO11503
Hifi Hirschi Jura SO3675
Hino 5221170569
Ingersoll Rand 35310556
Ingersoll Rand 92658095
Inline FFR-PH49
Inline FIN-FL70609
Inline FL70609
Iveco 42537127
John Deere GG17031266
Kalmar 1313321
Kalmar 3973
Kalmar 800042990
Kalmar 921691.0001
Kalmar 9238763462
Kalmar 923976.3462
Kalmar 9245480518
Kenworth KW-667
Kohler 41190023
Kohler GM25504
Kralinator L177
Kralinator L177U
Leyland Daf BL ABU8784
Leyland Daf BL GRH27096
Linde Lansing E760001001
Linkbelt 3A11555
Luberfiner LFP2216
Luberfiner LFP3191
Luberfiner LFP8591
Luberfiner PH3191
M MH3300
M MH3301
M MH3409
Mack 20539275
Mack 21707136
Mack 484-GB3191C
Mahle Knecht AW92
Mahle Knecht KC24SCANIA
Mahle Knecht OC121
Mann 6761259166
Mann W11102/11
Mann W11102/34
Mann W11102/36
Mann W11102/4
MCW X3051575
Motorcraft EFL170
Motorcraft FL307
Motorcraft FL307FP
Napa 1791
Nissan 1527499189
Nissan 5221706577
Noitech NO014880
Orenstein and Koppel 103847
Orenstein and Koppel 1448077
Orenstein and Koppel 8000239
Permatic ELH4707
Permatic GL312
Poclain W12505-99
Powerpart AM042909
Prinoth P1844
Pro FH301
Purflux 6121742460
Purflux LS260
Purflux LS778
Purflux LS841
Purolator L50068
Purolator L59068
Purolator PER67
Purolator PER68
Racor PFL5620
Racor PFL5622
Renault 20709459
Renault 4.1035E+13
Renault 5000133555
Renault 5000670699
Renault 5000670700
Renault 5000670701
Renault 5000682146
Renault 5001846641
Renault 5010550600
Renault 5021107373
Renault 5021107666
Renault 6005019774
Renault 7421561278
Renault 7423114226
Ryco HDZ211
Sakura C-5501-1
Sakura C-7101-1
Savara 928180
Savara 92818011
Savara SO180
Scania 1347726
Scania 2059778
SDMO 330050545
SF Schupp SK 3600/3
SF Schupp SP 5193/1
Sisu 1216400551
Sofima S4402R
Sogefi Pro FT4878/SGP
Soparis CF513
Soparis CV513
Standard SH8148
Sure SFO6634
Tecfil PS417
Tecfil PSL417
Tecneco OL90-T
Tecnocar R108
Tecnocar R90
Tecnocar RN241
Teho 4331
Teho 4341
Teho OK94
TJ Tecalemit FB5442
TJ Tecalemit FB5443
TRP 1500880
TRP 1501002
TRP 1533831
TRP 1534373
TRP 1534375
TRP 1534401
UFI 23.144.00
UFI 23.144.02
Vauxhall GM 25011932
Vauxhall GM 6439392
Vauxhall GM 6439393
Vender 131515
VIC C-228
Volvo 17533660
Volvo 17533661
Volvo 21170569
Volvo 21707133
Volvo 21707134
Volvo 21707173
Volvo 23658092
Volvo 3134053
Volvo 466634
Volvo 466634-1
Volvo 466634-3
Volvo 6884417
Winkler 26500082100
Wirtgen 1880
Wismet WFU37313
Wix 51791
Wix 51791MP
Wix 551791
Wix 95015E
Woodgate WGL3321
Woodgate WGL3477
Woodgate WGL667

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